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There is a wide variety of weapons available in Air Strike 3D. You start the game only with a 1st-level Machine Gun that then can be upgraded or changed to another weapon. To upgrade your weapon, you should collect ammo-packs of certain type. Here is a list of all the weapons.

    Primary Weapons

    Machine Gun: Not very powerful, this weapon has a very high rate of fire what makes it very effective against low-armored enemies. Can be upgraded up to 3rd level.

    Impulse Gun: Energy beans of this weapon will blow enemy pilots out of their warm seats.

    Plasma Cannon: One of the most common weapons, the plasma cannon unleashes a deadly stream of plasma bullets at its target.

    Laser Gun: Short laser pulses of the laser gun will melt down any hostile armor.

    Big Plasma Gun: BPG can be extremely useful in the heat of combat thanks to its very large bursts of plasma and its capability of lateral fire.

    G.O.R.O.X.: The real madness. GOROX hoses out plasma pellets like crazy.

    Laser: This highly accurate weapon uses a modern light amplification system to produce deadly streams of accelerated photons. The system must recharge between shots, causing a delay before it can be used again.

    Wave Gun: Splitting energy projectiles of the wave gun can damage up to 3 enemies at one time.

    Meteorite Gun: This incredibly powerful weapon was developed in the secret labs of the Octagon.

    Flamethrower: Armageddon as is.


    Small Missiles: These missiles can be effectively used against slow-moving ground targets such as tanks, jeeps, stationary cannons etc.

    Big Missiles: A supercharged version of common straight-line (non guided) missiles.

    Small Heat Seeking Missiles: This kind of missiles is equipped with auto-guiding system that allows the missile to lock on and pursue the nearest target.

    Big Heat Seeking Missiles: The guiding system of these heavy missiles is automatically disabled after a short period of time to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized detonations.

    M.A.D. Missiles: The great advantage of the M.A.D. Launching System over common missile launchers is its double-firing mode.