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It is recommended that you make sure you are using the latest drivers for your video card. If you have any problems (such as crashing, freezing, slow) they can almost always be fixed by simply replacing your outdated video drivers.

Check the video card manufacturer website. Here is a short list of such companies and their products.

3DFX Voodoo 2, 3, 4, 5, Rush, Bunshee www.3dfx.com
ATI Rage 128, Rage Fury, Radeon www.atitech.com
Matrox G200, G400 www.matrox.com
nVidia Riva TNT, Riva TNT2, GeForce 2, 3, 4 www.nvidia.com
S3 Savage S4, Savage 2000 www.s3.com