3D action helicopter game

Free download 3D action helicopter game

    Start Game

    Here you will see a box-list with available missions to play. You can choose any mission you like but only the last mission in the list gives you chance to proceed to a new game level. When you successfully complete a mission, new mission will become available for playing.

    Difficulty: This option allows you to choose a difficulty level to play at.

Very Easy
- Kids and grandmas are welcome!
- Rookies, this one is for you.
- Most people should start Air Strike 3D at Normal difficulty level.
- Choose this level once you’re ready.
- I hope you’ll like our ‘Game Over’ sign.

    Also, you can choose your battle chopper in the ‘Start Game’ menu. Over the course of the game you’ll be allowed to pilot new helicopters.

    Press ‘Start’ button to begin the selected mission.

    Top Scores

    Names of the best helicopter pilots are listed here.


    Resolution: Select the screen resolution best suited for your computer. Higher resolution can slow the game down.

    Color Depth: Select from 16 bit (Hi-Color), 32 bit (TrueColor) or Default (Desktop) color depth.

    Full Screen: Enable this option to play in windowed mode.

    Brightness: Controls brightness of the screen.

    Sound Volume: Adjusts volume of sound effects.

    Music Volume: Adjusts volume of the sound track.

    Camera: Cycle throw the options here to select the camera view you like most of all.

    Configure Controls: Use this button to customize your keyboard/joystick/gamepad key-bindings.


    Quits Air Strike 3D.