3D action helicopter game

Free download 3D action helicopter game

    Items & Power-Ups

    During the course of the game, youíll encounter a lot of useful items, which can be picked up by flying over them.


    Star: Collect as many stars as possible to raise your rank.

    50% Repair: This power-up allows you to repair up to 50% of damaged armor.

    100% Repair: Full repair of your helicopterís armor.

    Energy Shield: The energy shield provides you with the absolute protection of your helicopter for a brief period of time. Use this possibility wisely to deliver the maximum damage to your enemies without any risk to get hurt.

    Uranium Accelerator: Taking this power-up item immediately increases your manoeuvrability for the next 20 seconds.

    Speed Reducer: Slow speed ensures more accurate firing.

    1-Up: One life.


    Cluster Bomb: This explosive item unleashes deadly hail of smaller bombs after being detonated by the impact with the enemy or ground.

    Nuclear Bomb: Very effective Mean oí Mass Destruction.

    Rocket Strike: A dozen of hungry missiles go hunting so you donít have to.

    Lightning Bomb: Extremely powerful weapon. No need for aiming. Big electric ball will find targets for its forked lightning strikes without any problems.