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"...those of us who want an adrenaline-pumping break from the real world should give it an immediate try..." (The Adrenaline Vault, 01/2003)

"...Sometimes you want to quit playing it — but you can’t. The only thing you have to do is to grit your teeth and repeat “Hey! You’re a man, not a milksop! Let’s try again to pass this bloody level!...” (Games Spectator, 01/2003)

"...The gameplay in Air Strike 3D is extraordinarily addictive, and I have never found mass destruction more enjoyable..." (The Adrenaline Vault, 01/2003)

"...a fine example of a 3D shoot 'em up extravaganza." (CanadianGamer.ca, 02/2003)

"...AirStrike 3D is a very intense and fun flight combat game which is also visually stunning. With 5 difficulty settings and strong bosses, the challenge will not fade quickly." (Digital Diversions, 03/2003)

"Overall, Airstrike 3D is one of the best looking shooters you'll play this year!" (Game Tunnel, 03/2003)

"Brilliant graphics and frenetic action will keep your rotors spinning." CNet Editor's Pick.

Game Tunnel:
"Just five days into 2003, Divogames raised the bar...WAY UP! This is a wonderful game to play and enjoy. Any true shooter fan MUST own this game. I believe time will prove this to be one of the better shooters ever created. Those who don't typically like shooters should try it out as well."
Overall: 9

The Highest AwardWell… Visual effects are perfect. Soudtrack is very energetic and agressive (as well as the game is). If you like shooting and mass destruction — do not miss this game. 5 eyes award.

GlobalShareware 5 Gold Disc Award

The Highest Award AirStrike 3D got a highest award on Games4WIN!